You’ll know when you are ready to release the debilitating shame & embody the joy of being who you really are.



Tegan Cork supports people to identify that they are here as a pioneer of change without the fear of being continually shamed or judged.

‘I call you into your truth and back home to the wisdom deep in your body’

As a Psychosomatic Coach specialising in Sexual Wellness and having embodied the journey from depression to joy, she now Inspires, Guides and Supports men and women who are stuck in a space of frustration, stress and pain to move to one of Empowerment, Pleasure and Purpose! 

If you are ready to be supported to…

Disable Patterns that keep you feeling Not Good Enough,

Embrace Radical Self Responsibility for True Freedom,

Be Guided Back to the Wisdom, Safety and Pleasure of Your Body &

Delve Deeper into Your Spirituality as Self Development then Ever Before

Then Tegan is ready to work with you NOW!

Let’s be honest for a second, we all lie

You know it’s true AND We also feel when someone shares their truth with us, it’s powerful right?!

This online series is a fly on the wall insight into how both leaders and everyday people have managed to re-discover their truth and establish enough safety within themselves to live by it.

Have you realised the strength in your vulnerability yet? Join me as I ask the questions people are craving to hear the answers to.

Check out my Online Guest Series 3 Questions, 30 minutes, 30 Guests

“With my hands on my heart, I call Bullshit”

It's a fine art to be able to tell when someone is not aligned and call them on it from a place of love and higher truth. With my strong internal compass of intuition and a mind that is enthralled and designed for mapping energetics and dynamics I can tune into where you are now so we can begin to journey back to your truth. To be honest, it's only a journey for the brave though. Are you ready?
Picture a Ted Talk meets a Fun Night Out
Enlightenment in the Bedroom is an intimate yet bold, 3 hour, multi-speaker, live event presenting cutting edge conversations that unravel the mysteries around sexuality, sexual wellness, relationships and intimacy.

Meet Tegan as she hosts the exclusive BYRON BAY Enlightenment In The Bedroom event.

Next Event: Saturday 16th September, 2021
SPECIAL ONLINE EDITION, due to restrictions

Deep Acknowledgement

I acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders past, present and future of this Nation. I honour the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural, the spiritual wisdom deeply embedded in Country, my priviledge that I was born into and those who journey with their sexuality and gender. I stand with you to deeply listen, learn, heal, transform and nurture our relationships with Mother Earth and her diverse communities. I respect and hold deep gratitude for living and learning on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Country no matter where we are in Australia.