Before doing a session with Tegan, I don’t think I truly realised how much I had let my emotions and bad energy build up in my system. Having spent the past 30 years pushing my feels down and catering to my fears, the session was confronting, emotional both during and for days/weeks following, but most importantly it was like it shifted something within me and I could no longer continue to live my life as I had been. It has put me on a path of self-awareness and discovery and in the mindset to #slay. Tegan’s expert skill and connectivity with people allows you to go on this journey without judgement and in a space of trust and safety. It’s not going to be comfortable, and at times (a lot of times) it will be painful. It won’t fix everything over night, but boy oh boy it’s worth it and will make you acutely aware of how your body and emotions all interconnect. Do yourself a favour and get amongst it.
Senior Marketing & Communication Consultant
I don't think there are actual English words to deliver the entirety of what it's like working with Tegan. Being a sensitive, intuitive and quite embodied woman myself I find it quite difficult to receive any kind of healing, space holding etc from others. But Tegans energy is just the definition of divine, what you see is what you get, her soft but fierce way of calling you to your highest is like a loving spank on the bum-the kind that gets you to really pay attention. Her way of holding space and creating safety for the container she holds is profound and really reflects on her own inner work, willingness to know and love herself and her heart deeply. There is so much depth to this woman and so much lightness and playfulness she is just truly a gift, the embodiment of the goddess herself. If you ever get the chance to work with Tegan, you will not regret it.
Lissette Quiroz
Hair dresser, Lover, Mum of two, Transfomation Doula
“Tegan’s superpower is seeing your truth and gently calling you out on why you aren’t yet living it. She has the ability to see your hidden gift and lovingly offer it back to you. After a breakthrough with Tegan, my intuitive tarot YouTube views increased by 350% and have remained consistent since. I was able to step beyond my self-limiting beliefs and move into my calling to provide personal spiritual guidance to others. I now see myself moving into it full-time in the near future.
Bronya Benvin
Online Program Designer & Intuitive
Tegan is so beautifully bold with her expression, a pure beam of light. Her presence is undeniably the most warming of anyone I have connected with. Tegan’s language of love speaks volume as she opens up her welcoming space to hold you in expressing her devotion to heart centred healing. Tegan is a seeker of truth and always leaves you feeling tingly, warmer, closer to home. Xxxxx
Jodiee Marshall
Tegan’s water workshop was a truly magical experience. She has such a gentle yet powerful way of connecting people with their essence. I’ve always felt a deep intimate connection with the elements and this event helped to clarify why that is. I walked away from the meeting with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for myself and the world around me. I now recognize the importance of honoring the sacred and powerful qualities of water and of myself.
Shannon Robinson