Self Pleasure Toolkit

Exploring can be fun!

Our bodies are like amusement parks… which ride would you like to go on first?

If you are looking for a new tool to help you explore your body in your self pleasure practices, something to assist you with better pelvic floor health or some inspiration for self love then boy have I got some fun recommendations for you….

This is the place for all things pleasure wands, crystal yoni eggs, menstrual cups, butt plugs, beautiful lube and self love meditations! 

Why I love this place so much?

Their supplier ethically sources stone materials (for the crystal wands and eggs) in a responsible and sustainable manner that considers the people and environment throughout the process, taking into account moral principles dealing with environmental issues and workers’ welfare.

They also care about sustainability and currently 95% of their parcels (inside and out) are plastic-free! They ship globally, same day post, discretely (of course!) and in compostable bags.

Click HERE to start exploring.

I’m currently playing with the Medusa 😉