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Intuitive Life Reading

Crave to understand yourself more and be seen, even with all the walls you may have up?

I see you, I feel you and when I intuitively tune into your body it tells me the story of how you walk through this world.

It shows me which parts of yourself you embody with love and which parts you hold back. The words you use give me an insight into your inner dialogue and your energy highlights what your purpose in this life time is.

If your ready for a hands on the heart no bullshit approach to understanding yourself then come with questions and let’s do this..

What Support Suits YOU Best?

Let’s finally clear away the limiting BS and start creating the life you LOVE!

28 Day Package – Come Back To Yourself

Got something in your life that you want to invite or shift quickly? Been working on it for a while but need some support with the sticky bits or even someone to help illuminate your blind spots?

YES – Then this quickie is perfect for you. This 28 day package will leave you feeling empowered as you look back and see what you have created in one moon cycle and ready to keep going with your upgraded connection to yourself. 

Give yourself the chance to really ground these changes you want to make by having someone not only see your truth, be your personal cheerleader and keep you accountable for it.

8 Week Package – Treat Yourself

Ready to finally start looking at what is ACTUALLY holding you back and how you can let go of those resistance points and allow your natural state of vitality to flow through every part of your life?

Wouldn’t that feel so much lighter and brighter?

Over the 8 weeks we embrace the 4 stages of flow – Struggle, Release, Flow & Active Recovery. This will give you a tangible understanding of how to embrace the different stages of energy flow in your unique situation.

As humans we thrive best in this learning process when we are held and supported in each of these stages. 

Allow yourself the kindness and guts to truly be supported to finally feel safe enough to create the life you crave. 


6 month package –  Re-Discover Yourself 

Yes! I’m celebrating you even being here.

Do you feel like you have finally come to acknowledge that there is some big stuff in your life that you are ready to receive support with?

Are ready to gift yourself with the time and team it takes to work through the past, become present in the moment and begin creating what you would love your future to look like?

If your body felt the pull when you read this then your in exactly the right place. 

These 6 months of intense discovery, integration and creating will leave you knowing that you are here for a reason and have the self worth to fulfill it.

Any project like this is a team effort so not only will you be working intimately with me you will also be supported by an incredible Spiral practitioner and an Inner Child Doula to hold ever part of you with tenderness and intention. 

Feel into:

  • 1:1 Intuitively Tailored Coaching, to make it all about YOU.
  • Embodiment Resources, to enable easy integration.
  • Perosnalised Gene Key Readings, to guide you to your truth.
  • Priority Support, to know you have someone to turn to when you need it most.
  • 3hr Manifestation clearing session with spiral practitioner Rosa Spinks.
  • 2hr Inner child journey with life doula Lissette Quiroz.
  • Tailored Reading and Music Playlists.
  • Sooo much more…

This is BIG, to take the next step and find out if this is the right fit for you then book your free 15 connection call now.

Why go on this journey and not just a single session?
Because if you want change in your life you have to be willing to show up for yourself in a whole new way. This allows us to go on the journey together and there will be moments where you will naturally try to pull away or self sabotage, that is why we create this structure. To allow all of you to be seen, held and supported to really transform your life!