The Love Map

Relationships are opportunities to understand ourselves better and invite growth, learning and love. 

The Love Map explains how these 7 connection points can explain what is happening within your relationships and gives you the tools to create relationships you love

Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a way of being and healing takes place in the meeting between two people

Majority of us want to be or are in relationships. Here i’m going to redefine the word relationship. The second you have energetically opened yourself and connected to one of these categories then you have embarked on a relation ship and you are now in relationship to that person. Because there is now a vessel that carries love between the two of you. A path way has been illuminated by chemistry. Not created, for it has always been there as we are all connected but it has been brought to your consciousness and the cells in your body are becoming alive with energy that wants to move and expand. This energy is always on the move, therefor so is the way we relate to each other and why our relationships take different shapes and forms. As it does that the connection lines can fade and become bright, calling for your attention but once you have established one of these categories then you will always remain connected via history or shared experience. You can ofcourse like the other categories and choose how much of an influence that plays on your life or the other categories of relationships you have with others. 

What if we brought how we relate and what we want to create into our subconscious? What if we understood our bodies more and why it drew us towards some people and away from others? What if we could decide with others how we would like to relate and what cominanotion of things we are looking for in a relationship with everyone in our lives instead of fumbling our way through?

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