The Magic of Water Workshop


22th JUNE

9am AEST / 4pm PST

Live zoom call and recording available

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What can your relationship with water reveal about you?

This 1 hour online workshop with have us deep diving into the truth of YOUR ocean.

What lies beneath the surface?

How does it want to move?

Where are you blocking the flow?

The simple things can often hold the most power. Water flows in and out of lives everyday whether that be in the water we drink to stay hydrated, the water we use to bath and wash away the day or the bodies of water we play and adventure with.

They say our bodies are made up of more then 50% water and that water itself can retain memory and conveys information to DNA. It can also be influenced by the environment around it… much like us.

Let’s tap into the water that flows through your lives and see what it wants to reveal to you, about you.

Tuning into the water in yourself and your life can support your:

Ability to navigate emotions

The way you connect to the sensations in your body

Level of connection to your intuition

Making your life sacred.

Included in this call will be:

  • Group guided meditation
  • Take home questions for personal inquiry
  • Water wonderland playlist
  • Practical everyday suggestions for ways to embody gratitude for water and watch it enrich your life!


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