About Me

I am proud to have devoted my time to following my eros, creativity, learning more about my gifts and embracing the things that bring me joy. These have lead me down the rabbit hole of understanding the body through Psychosomatic Therapy, understanding pleasure and pain through the exploration of Self Pleasure and Sexology and my continual curiosity surrounding Love.

Whilst now in the space of experiencing joy in both the contractions and expansions this was not always the case, my journey has included chronic illnesses, major accidents, deep depression, co-dependency, poor financial flow and a whole bunch of shame.

I am now in a place where I understand more about myself, the world we live in and the role relationships play in our lives and I am ready to give back. Now knowing my strengths of sensitivity, intuition, boldness and empathy, I am excited by the notion of working with others to empower them to be their own biggest supporter. To guide you from a space of frustration, stress and pain to one of empowerment, pleasure and purpose!

I strongly support the wellness paradigm, and take my work beyond focusing on superficial signs and symptom and instead use them to understand what is going on for you in your life at a deeper fundamental level. Knowing that all the emotions, diseases and events are messages for us to listen to.

My work has stemmed from my own experiences with the honest, confronting and transformational processes of connecting and understanding my emotional, physical and intuitive body through all of the studies I have undertaken. I am grateful to have been guided through these experiences (I now openly cry as much as I laugh!) by my teachers and mentors and can now tap into my passion of sharing this understanding and information with you. While many see me as young I am always humbled when peoples next expression is that I am wise. I do not pretend to know all the answers but I do know that I can see you, connect with you and hold space for your transformation.

I am grateful to now be living by the ocean, be surrounded by people I am deeply connected with and have a life that is full of joy. 


Currently studying: Institute New Paradigm Intimacy, Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Certificate IV – Massage Therapy (QAcademy)

Certificate III – Psychosomatic Therapy (Trained under Chris Knight from Soul Space, Brisbane)

Sacred Birth Doula Training – Celebration of Birth (Anna Watts)

Diploma of Photography

White Water Paddling Instructor

Wilderness First Aid